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Continental Cuisine and Tapas with a New Orleans
History: The Best View in New Orleans!
The history of New Orleans cuisine began with the discovery of Louisiana by Spanish Explorers.

On February 1st, 1777 at the tender age of 29, Bernardo De Galvez became the first Spanish Governor of Louisiana. Part of his mission (along with keeping an eye on the British in Florida) was to befriend the native peoples and encourage immigration. Two principle groups he invited to make Louisiana their home were Spanish settlers from Canary Island, Spain (Los Islenos) and the French Acadian (Cajun) immigrants who the British expelled from Canada’s Maritime provinces.

As the French and Spanish cultures integrated, and melded with the local Native and African Americans, they exchanged meals and recipes. In fact, it’s rumoured that the first Gumbos and Jambalayas that we enjoy today had their origins in the classic Spanish dishes of Caldo Gallego and Paella.

At Galvez Restaurant, we’re proud of the role Spanish cuisine played in making New Orleans a globally recognised destination for foodies. In fact, it’s with this fine heritage in mind that our sumptuous dishes are prepared from scratch to the highest standards of authenticity.
…and we think Bernardo de Galvez would have loved this place!

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